Our Focus Areas

Transgender Justice

Transgender Missourians deserve to be treated with respect and dignity just like every other person. The transgender community endures incredible obstacles their cis-gender counterparts do not — families with trans youth constantly must decide if their state is safe to reside in, rural trans Missourians are required to travel long distances to find gender-affirming healthcare, and Black and Brown trans people and trans women of color face violence in their daily lives.

As an organization with historic and current trans leadership driving our policy and field approach, PROMO’s efforts begin with prioritizing the experiences, concerns, and needs of the transgender community.  We also reserve significant time listening to direct service groups and trans-led organizations with the goal of offering support and aligning our power building initiatives to strengthen the community. 

PROMO recognizes the entire community is best served when we are part of a larger ecosystem working collaboratively to build Missouri into an equitable state. Trans liberation will not come from one organization, but through all LGBTQ+ people and organizations — with diverse visions and missions — working together.


How do I update my name or gender marker on identifying documents in Missouri?

For a complete guide on how to update your name or gender marker on Missouri IDs, check out this blog post or download this document.

Is gender-affirming health care legal in Missouri?

In June 2023, Governor Mike Parson signed into law Senate Bill 49 which effectively ended gender-affirming health care for minors in the state of Missouri. It also denies access to this medically necessary care for incarcerated individuals and does not allow Medicaid to be reimbursed for this care putting low-income individuals (adults included) at risk. The current law has a sunset clause meaning it will end in four years on August 28, 2027.

What options are there for my child to receive care?

Children’s Hospital in St. Louis still does consultations and education and the Planned Parenthood network across Missouri still sees patients 16 and up for those who already started gender-affirming care. Some local providers may still give trans health care to patients who already started gender-affirming care prior to Senate Bill 49’s implementation.

With Senate Bill 49 in place, it has become harder to find care for youth who have not started treatment yet; however, there are options. PROMO has partnered with the Campaign for Southern Equality to give Missouri families access to resources. Those resources include patient navigation and emergency grants to get care outside of the state of Missouri.You can learn more about those options here.

Am I able to use the bathroom at my school?

There are no statewide laws impacting how students use restroom facilities or locker rooms at schools. However, some school systems have implemented a version of restroom bans or locker room bans for transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming students. You’ll need to ask your school’s policy to know for sure. Currently, the school system PROMO knows has an active policy in place is the Wentzville School District.

Contact PROMO if you have concerns your school district is enforcing an anti-trans bathroom ban.

What are the laws around public bathrooms in Missouri?

Currently, there are no laws in place dictating the restrooms TGNC+ Missourians must use, meaning you are free to use the restroom that matches your gender identity. We do recommend, if you’re able, to go to the restroom with another person such as a friend or chosen family member for safety.