Donate & Empower Our Work

We are in an unprecedented time in both our state’s and nation’s history. Never before has the LGBTQ+ community been under so many legislative and administrative attacks, yet, never before have we been such a visible, formidable, and powerful community. Because of your generosity, we have defeated nearly every anti-LGBTQ+ bill that’s been drafted and empowered thousands of people across the state with the resources needed to build power for our community to ensure we can live a safe and healthy life.

Your investment in our work is needed more than ever to continue our efforts to keep pushing back against these attacks and to continue providing queer Missourians with hope.

There are two options to give that are vital to funding different parts of our mobilization efforts as well as the option to become a Sustaining Member.


Our 501(c)3, called PROMO Fund, is our work dedicated to empower communities through training and educational work. All gifts are tax deductible


Our 501(c)4, called PROMO, is our work focused on public policy in our state legislature including lobbying activity.

Sustaining Members

Your continuous gift sustains our efforts in combating systemic inequities to liberate the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination and oppression. Sustaining members provide PROMO security to make long-term, strategic decisions creating a firm economic base. Your monthly contribution allows us to not only respond to urgent situations, but also to build, strengthen, and grow the collective statewide power needed to ensure LGBTQ+ Missourians can thrive. Please consider making your donation a monthly gift.