How to Interact Effectively With LGBT Clients, Employees, and Communities

Mar 9, 2018

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Did you know PROMO has been training organizations, businesses, hospitals, and nonprofits in LGBT cultural competency for nearly five years? The PROMO and SAGE of PROMO Fund cultural competency trainings help professionals develop the skills to interact effectively with LGBT clients, employees, and communities.

With more people outwardly identifying as LGBT, organizations of all kinds need to be mindful. The task of helping your organization (e.g. school, hospital, non-profit, business, etc.) be more cognizant of LGBT people can be a daunting task. This is true at every training we lead, so no one is alone here!

PROMO is quickly becoming one of Missouri’s leading training providers for LGBT cultural competency.

A few weeks ago, our training team presented to over 200 professionals on welcoming and supporting transgender clients at Centerpoint Hospital. Participants were enthusiastic to learn and walked away with information to take back to their organizations. One participant said, “It was truly the best presentation I have been to in a very long time, on a topic that is very important and in need of advocacy and education. I learned a lot and have so many more questions!”

Generously funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health, we provide training and technical assistance addressing LGBT cultural competency, help organizations, health providers, and business leaders develop inclusive policies, and share best practices. Our trainings are delivered through a variety of formats such as presentations, seminars, and roundtable discussions. Each training is customized to the organization’s needs. Some of our training topics include: creating welcoming spaces for LGBT clients, developing inclusive policies, language 101, transgender health and policy, LGBT advocacy, Missouri legislative updates, media training, and understanding LGBT aging.

Studies show that cultural competency trainings help reduce health disparities, increase service utilization, and improve provider/client interaction. We know that LGBT people are less likely to seek care and resources and are more likely to face discrimination in healthcare and business settings. PROMO’s trainings are a critical tool for facilitating positive interactions and well-being in healthcare settings at the workplace, therefore decreasing health disparities and discrimination.

Knowledge is powerful and empowering. At PROMO, our training team strives to deliver a training experience that educates, engages and helps participants grow in their skill set with Missouri’s LGBT population.

If you are in the state of Missouri and interested in having a training in your organization, business, school/university class, etc. please connect with us. We are excited to share our knowledge and evidence-based best practices with you and the spaces where all of us live, work and play.


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