Legislative Update: Only 5 Days Remain in the 2024 Legislative Session

Jul 8, 2024

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12 Bills Made it to the Governor’s Desk

Only five days remain in the 2024 Missouri Legislative Session. The General Assembly must adjourn sine die before this Friday, May 17 at 6 p.m.

Last week, the Senate passed the budget back to the House, and the House sent the final budget bill to the governor with just hours to spare before the constitutional deadline. The Senate also sent the Federal Reimbursement Act (FRA) reauthorization to the House in the latter half of the week, with the House hosting its first hearing on the bill today. The chamber will work to get the FRA to the governor’s desk over the next three days.

With all the chaos brought to the Senate this year by the Freedom Caucus, only 12 bills — not including the 18 budget bills — made it to the governor’s desk out of 2,602 bills filed. As you likely saw, two of those bills are SB 727 (the omnibus education bill) and HB 2634 (defunding Medicaid from Planned Parenthood), which were both signed into law by Governor Parson last week and take effect at the end of August.

While the House works on the FRA, the Senate is expected to take up the initiative petition bill (SJR 74) aiming to revise majority rule at the ballot box.

TL;DR — Here is the ONE step to take action this week:

  1. Urge your senator to vote NO on SJR 74 and to defend the “one person, one vote” majority rule we have in place.

As I mentioned above, the Senate is expected to pick up SJR 74 while the House works on the FRA. Here’s a reminder of two items that this law does: (1) this resolution allows as few as 23% of Missouri legislators to override a measure supported by a majority of Missourians and (2) it contains ballot candy language designed to trick voters into believing we need this law. Examples of this language include mandating only citizens can register to vote and blocking foreign funding from supporting local campaigns — both are already law.

We need you to email your senator now and tell them to vote NO on SJR 74. Urge them to say no to any effort to dismantle the “one person, one vote” majority rule already embedded into our constitution.

You’re also able to sign up for phone banks throughout this week from 12-1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14, Wednesday, May 15, and Thursday, May 16.

If you’re interested, please sign up below:

There are other ways that you can support our organization and the work we do as we continue to try and change the hearts, minds, and policies that shape our state.


If you’re in the Kansas City area on Thursday, May 23, consider joining PROMO PAC (our political action committee) for their fundraiser at Enzo to help elect pro-equality candidates throughout our state. We have the opportunity to change our state government from one of hate to one that values every single Missourian no matter who they are or who they love. Consider purchasing a ticket today and enjoy light snacks, beverages, all while hearing from pro-equality candidates in the area.


Our wonderful Springfield community is invited to our upcoming Pints with PROMO event, where you’ll get to put faces with our organization. Meet some of our staff including our newest hire in the area and board members who represent rural Missourians. Join us also on Thursday, May 23 at The Golden Girl Rum Club for food and your first round of drinks on us!

Legislative session is never easy. As this last week unfolds, none of the bills on either chambers’ calendars would directly impact LGBTQ+ Missourians, but we could still see amendments added. We are grateful to our friends in the Senate Democratic Caucus and in the Republican leadership for continuing to prevent the most discriminatory of the proposed amendments from being added to the bills passing. We’ll continue to work with them to ensure any amendments added do not pass.

One of our major threats this year included a bill requiring colleges and universities to give state resources to discriminatory organizations. This bill stalled out in its assigned Senate committee and is no longer a threat for this year.