Our Executive Director’s Statement on Title IX Implementation

Feb 23, 2017

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Last night, the Trump Administration rescinded lifesaving Title IX guidance for transgender students in public schools. While this sends a dangerous message and reinforces an idea that transgender young people are undeserving of legal protection, it does not change the fact that schools are still liable if they discriminate against transgender students. In this same week, the MO Senate Education Committee heard testimony against SB 98, a bill that would proactively restrict bathroom and locker room access for transgender students in Missouri. Regardless of the harmful message these actions send, the law still protects everyone from sex discrimination, including transgender people. And above all, we must reiterate to our communities that transgender students are still worthy, valuable, and deserving of the protection Title IX affords.

Transgender students of Missouri, we see you, we got you, and above all we will NEVER stop fighting for you.