The End of Missouri’s 2023 Legislative Session

May 23, 2023

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A Letter from Our Executive Director, Katy Erker-Lynch

Dear Friend,

We are in an unprecedented time in both PROMO’s and our nation’s history. Never before has the LGBTQ+ community been under so many legislative and administrative attacks. Never before have we been such a visible, formidable, and powerful community.

It’s clear the progress we’ve made — successes that allow us to be who we are and love who we love — combined with our relentless insistence LGBTQ+ rights are human rights have made us a target we never could have imagined ten years ago. Over 50 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have moved throughout both the House and Senate with the majority attacking transgender Missourians as well as bans on talking about gender identity and sexual orientation in schools, reclassifying drag performances as pornographic, and attacks on bodily autonomy and medically necessary healthcare.

We had the great privilege of welcoming over 700 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, queer+, and allied Missourians from every corner of the state to Jefferson City in a protest for trans rights. We showed up in love, rage, and hope to speak truth to power. With your support, we organized the largest peaceful protest current legislators have witnessed on Capital grounds. The message echoing off of the Supreme Court and Capital buildings was clear: we won’t stop fighting and with one voice, we told elected officials transgender Missourians cannot be erased, cannot be used as political pawns, and demand to be seen.

Now is the time to step up and hold the line. We are going to fight every step of the way because this fight is far from over.

We need your support to fund our efforts to keep pushing back against these attacks and to continue the work we know needs to happen after legislative session ends including offering community care, strengthening statewide power and capacity building efforts, and educating those who aren’t paying attention.

  • $12 — Provides one meal for a volunteer while they are at the Capital
  • $35 — Provides one care package and shipping for a youth who testified at the Capital
  • $50 — Provides one tank of gas for volunteers to travel to and from the Capital 
  • $100 — Provides two travel stipends for youth to attend our Teen Leadership Summit
  • $500 — Covers the cost of phone and text banking in Columbia, St. Louis, and Kansas City 
  • $3,000 — Covers lodging for 25 queer/trans youth attending our Teen Leadership Summit

Because of your financial support, PROMO’s work in Jefferson City is effective and visible and will continue in the halls of both chambers, over coffee in rural cafes, in state courts, and in classrooms.

With immense gratitude for this community and the knowledge we always win in the long game,

Katy Erker-Lynch, Executive Director (she/her, they/them)


P.S. If you’re interested in gifting stock, IRA, or retirement disbursements, reach out to our Director of Development , Lacie Jett, via email at or phone at (314) 862-4900.