Is Missouri’s Tran Athlete Ban Affecting You?

Aug 25, 2023

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Transgender Athletes Are Being Targeted

On Monday, August 28, Senate Bill 39 became Missouri law. As students across our state engage in fall sports, transgender athletes are prohibited from playing on their school-sanctioned sports teams which align with their gender identity. This law is one of the worst in the country and specifically harms transgender Missourians in the following ways:

    • All transgender athletes from kindergarten through college are unable to play on school sanctioned teams that align with their gender identity.
    • This law applies to students in public, private, and charter schools.
    • It also applies to schools who participate in competitions against another team who has a transgender athlete competing.
    • If a school violates the law, they could face losing 100% of their state public funding.

As Senate Bill 39 and 49 go into effect on Monday, we are currently collecting stories of harm, bias or discrimination experienced by trans+ Missourians as a result of these hateful bills. We will employ your stories in effort to reduce harm and to mitigate the violence of the Missouri State Legislature, Governor Parson, and the unelected Attorney General Bailey.

Your story will be used by PROMO and PROMO Fund in various ways. Should you have any questions, please reach out to