Welcoming PROMO’s New Executive Director

Mar 18, 2022

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During the legislative session, the work comes fast and furious. The past two weeks have been no exception, as the PROMO team and LGBTQ+ advocates across Missouri mobilized against SB 781 and HB’s 2724, 2461 & 2197 – bills banning transgender young people from participating in sports. 

At a time when our community’s rights (and in some cases very existence) continue to be on the docket for Missouri policy makers, we are glad to welcome a new Executive Director who is prepared to work alongside each of you to defend our rights and make Missouri a place where LGBTQ+ folks thrive. 

Katy Erker-Lynch, PROMO’s new Executive Director, joins us as our board and staff embrace and renew our organization’s mission: to confront systemic inequities to liberate the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination and oppression. 

“PROMO’s work is more than just anti-discrimination agenda. It’s a commitment to proactive listening and power building to ensure those most likely to be left behind are included from the start. It’s an approach, not just an agenda and Katy has the experience and dedication to see this through. You can see this in how she’s already jumped in to amplify the voices of Trans youth.” – Alison Gee, PROMO Board Vice-Chair 

A community-focused advocate and relationship builder, Katy has experience in community organizing, nonprofit management, social impact tech startup, and public-private partnerships. Katy obtained her Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago’s Harris School, has a certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Boston University, and a BS in Sociology from Santa Clara University.  

Like so many young, queer Missourians, Katy left the state at 18 and headed west for school, in search of a vibrant queer community. In El Salvador and Boston, Katy’s work allowed her to accompany trans women, commercial sex workers, and unaccompanied homeless youth and adults. The folks Katy supported taught her about their lived experiences, and together they centered their voices through policy and advocacy actions. Those experiences continue to drive Katy to seek social and racial justice and to interrogate the root causes of inequity, while embracing a strengths-based approach. 

“Katy brings a depth and breadth of experience that uniquely positions her to help grow our shared table, invite and amplify our community’s voice, and co-design strategies to make Missouri more inclusive. She is committed to figuring out the root causes of inequity and using our community’s strength and assets to achieve change.”  – Michael Cole, PROMO Board Chair

Katy brings these experiences to PROMO, and anticipates learning more from LGBTQ+ youth, seniors, families, and leaders in our community – work she is already jumping into alongside the PROMO team.  Together, we can realize a Missouri where all community members are valued, have the tools to thrive, and are given a seat and voice at the tables where decisions are made. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Katy to PROMO and stay up to date on our action alerts. The work won’t wait. 

In solidarity,
the PROMO Team