Anti-Trans Organizers, Including Members of Christian White Nationalist Groups, Descent Upon State Capitol

Mar 19, 2023 | Newsroom

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Anti-Trans Organizers Descent Upon State Capitol


A rally called the “Missouri Kids FIRST Rally” will take place in Jefferson City on March 20


ST. LOUIS (March 19, 2023) — Anti-trans organizers will head to Missouri’s State Capitol on Monday, March 20 at 2 p.m., for a rally with the intention of pushing elected officials to take a vote on bills revoking access to gender-affirming care. Those expected to be in attendance include members of Christian White Nationalist groups along with other known hate groups. PROMO, Missouri’s LGBTQ+ public policy and advocacy organization, sees this as a hateful and spiteful attack on transgender youth and a clear example of a nationally organized hate campaign from groups like Concerned Women for America of Missouri and Missouri Gays Against Groomers in coordination with nationals like the Heritage Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom.

“Those pushing Monday’s agenda seek to create a sense of fear, isolation, and loss among transgender Missourians and the friends and family who love trans and gender-expansive siblings,” said Katy Erker-Lynch (she/they), Executive Director of PROMO. “However, the LGBTQ+ community is a symbol of bravery and courage simply because each person refuses to bend to hate by living our truth and standing up for our loved ones every day. Instead of fear and hate, our community is filled with hope and love and we’ll continue to defend all LGBTQ+ Missourians.”

The “Missouri Kids FIRST Rally” takes place as both the House and Senate passed out of committee anti-transgender bills including those revoking access to gender-affirming healthcare for youth and bans on allowing transgender athletes from participating in school team sports. Additional indirect attempts to limit transgender healthcare access are also moving forward such as Senate Bill 160, a piece of legislation that restricts public funding for abortion clinics aimed at Planned Parenthood. By cutting funding to one of the primary providers of transgender healthcare in Missouri, it puts this community in danger and particularly rural trans populations and trans people of color who have limited access to healthcare already.

“There are 34 bills that explicitly attack LGBTQ+ Missourians with the majority of those targeting transgender kids as young as kindergartners,” said Shira Berkowitz (they/them), Sr. Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for PROMO. “Legislation such as Senate Bill 49 and other trans healthcare bans are extremely dangerous because these deny evidence-based, best practice standards of care supported by every major medical society in the country and intentionally put transgender and gender-expansive youth’s health and wellness at risk.”

During public hearings this legislative session, organizers of Monday’s event were physically removed from Senate hearing rooms for disrespecting Senator Greg Razer and have gotten into physical altercations with parents of transgender youth as recently as three weeks ago. PROMO discourages LGBTQ+ Missourians from attending to counter protest due to personal safety concerns for the community. 



PROMO is Missouri’s LGBTQ+ policy and advocacy organization that confronts systemic inequities to liberate the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination and oppression. For more information, visit