PROMO Condemns Harassment and Bullying of Black and LGBTQ+ Government Workers and Stands Behind Eric Osterberg 

Oct 6, 2022 | Newsroom

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PROMO Condemns Harassment and Bullying


Osterberg, City Manager for the City of Ferguson, announced his intended resignation earlier this week and stems from harassment and bullying he experienced during his tenure


ST. LOUIS (Oct. 6, 2022) — PROMO, the statewide LGBTQ+ policy and advocacy organization, released a statement today surrounding the announcement of Eric Osterberg’s intended resignation as the City Manager for the City of Ferguson. The statement by PROMO is in response to harassment and bullying Osterberg endured during his tenure:

For too long, LGBTQ+ government officials have experienced and had to withstand bullying and harassment from their peers. These attacks are meant to question the validity of the person’s work and attempt to shame them in a very harmful and public way. Instead of being able to fully serve and represent the people they work on behalf of, they must fight a battle at every turn to achieve a basic level of progress. Bullying or harassing someone is never acceptable and it is deplorable when any government official, elected or not, uses their power to do so.

“We’ve seen this before across all levels of government including during the legislative session on numerous occasions,” said Executive Director of PROMO, Katy Erker-Lynch. “Right now, people feel emboldened to attack the LGBTQ+ community and, in some cases, deny that we exist. Examples of these attacks come in the form of bills denying transgender children the right to gender-affirming healthcare or allowing them using their correct pronouns and names, keeping educators from teaching children about the LGBTQ+ community and our history, and refusing to confer basic protections for LGBTQ+ people for housing, employment, and public accommodations.

“When these shameful tactics are utilized, it hurts marginalized people who need representation and we lose strong and diverse talent from those communities,” continues Erker-Lynch. “Eric Osterberg represents the Black and gay community, both of whose voices we need more of within our government. After speaking with him this morning, we cannot in good conscience stand idly by and not draw attention to the systemic inequities Black and LGBTQ+ government workers face daily that hinder them from thriving in their work and living their life.”


About PROMO:

PROMO is Missouri’s LGBTQ+ policy and advocacy organization that confronts systemic inequities to liberate the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination and oppression. For more information, visit