Statement on Colorado Springs Tragedy

Nov 21, 2022 | Newsroom

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A Statement by PROMO’s Executive Director, Katy Erker-Lynch

November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day meant to honor the lives we’ve lost to transphobic violence and systemic inequities. Today, we awoke to the news of the tragic, awful, senseless, gun violence perpetrated against the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs. At least five lives were lost and at least 18 wounded.

When legislators call into question our very right to exist and spew transphobic, homophobic rhetoric, it’s no surprise our community lives in fear. It’s no surprise that parents of trans and non-binary youth fear for the safety and health of their children. Normalizing hate and fueling fear has violent and deadly consequences. 

To those whose lives were stolen at Club Q and all whom we’ve lost over the years, may your transgender siblings welcome you into grace and rest, and may each of your memories be a blessing. May we honor your lives with action.

Never stop saying the names of those we’ve lost. Never stop fighting for those that are with us. Never stop being who you are. We stand with you today and every day to ensure trans Missourians are shown respect and dignity, and to one day be free from discrimination and oppression.

Please support the work of our colleagues at One Colorado and learn from the leaders at Moms Demand Action about how each of us can have a part in ending the epidemic of gun violence.